"Appalling London"

London has an "appalling" rate of child poverty with about 50% of children in 16 boroughs living in or on the brink of destitution, a report claims.

The Campaign to End Child Poverty says 79% of children in Tower Hamlets, east London, are in families classed as "struggling" - 42,850 children. The Campaign to End Child Poverty is a coalition of more than 130 organisations.

There are hundreds of thousands of children living in our capital city who are being failed by the system - Martin Narey, Campaign to End Child Poverty

'High deprivation'
A Tower Hamlets council spokesman said: "We cannot underestimate the scale of the challenge. "Whilst high levels of deprivation should not mean reduced outcomes for children, we will be doing all that we can to ensure child poverty levels are significantly reduced here in Tower Hamlets," the spokesman said.

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