UK Floods: News, Resources, Information

  • 3D Laser Mapping, the UK based specialists in laser measurement technology and software, has used a state of the art survey system to monitor the risk of flooding amid fears a dam may fail following recent torrential rain. > More

  • While the insurance industry's attention has been fixed on the United States, where experts predict an above-average number of hurricanes this year, many firms have underestimated the likelihood of a disaster in Europe. > More

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    Environment Agency
    Around 5 million people, in 2 million properties, live in flood risk areas in England and Wales.

    The Environment Agency has an important role in warning people about the risk of flooding.

    > Met Office: For up to date weather forecasts and weather warnings.


    • National Rail Enquiries
      For information on planning journeys by train:

      * Telephone: 08457 484950

    • Highways Agency
      For information on congestion and road closures:

      * Helpline number: 08700 660 115
      * Information line: 08457 504030

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